The Cowboy

Author: Vonna Harper, PJ Mellor, Nelissa Donovan

Publisher: Aphrodisia

Release Date: July 25, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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There’s just something about a cowboy’s devilishly sexy smile, his swagger, and grab life by the horns attitude that draws women to him. Or maybe it’s just the way those chaps ride low on his hips and draw our attention to everything below the belt.

WILD RIDE by Vonna Harper

Jordan has been infatuated with half-breed bull rider Cougar since she was just a girl. One year ago, she was thrown when his Brahma, Rampage, displayed his bad attitude by running into her barrel-racing mare. Jordan is making an attempt at getting over the fear of bulls that she’s developed and Cougar is ready, willing and able to help fulfill any and all her needs.

Vonna Harper does a brilliant job depicting the raw courage it takes Jordan to confront her fears. Cougar and Jordan’s attraction is mutual but they’ve kept a tight rein on their emotions and never acted on them - until now.



Tyler is tired of the hard living he’s known on the rodeo circuit. He decides to return to Paradise Beach with his horse Jim. Only it’s not the nice quiet community he remembers and he’s relegated to riding Jim on the beach at night. It’s on one of his moonlight rides that he encounters Meg. Instantly infatuated, Tyler is determined that this little filly belong to him - even if she is determined to keep him at an emotional distance.

Who can possibly resist a sexy cowboy on a moonlight beach? It’s the perfect scene for love or at least an unforgettable seduction. Tyler’s horse, Jim, had me smiling through this book with his antics. PJ Mellor uses the perfect blend of humor and romance to satisfy any reader.


SADDLE SORE by Nelissa Donovan

Horse rancher Dean McCabe takes his work very seriously and no one is going to get in his way of protecting his interests. Conversationalist Cassandra Darling has been brought in to investigate a series of attacks that are being blamed on the Mexican Gray Wolf. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Dean and Cassandra can’t resist the lure of the animalistic desire that burns between them. Is there any hope for their tenuous relationship?

Nelissa Donovan brings to light the plight of relocated animals while drawing us into the relationship between Cassandra and Dean. I loved the passion that develops between the main characters while Cassandra tries to uncover the truth behind the animal attacks.

RODEO MAN by Nikki Alton

While on assignment in Wyoming for an L.A magazine, Anna Hartley is let go from her job because of downsizing, learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and then her rental car breaks down on a deserted road. Her luck changed for the better when rodeo rider Grant Olson takes a shortcut and gives her a ride to a ranger station. There’s a definite connection between them but they’re from completely different backgrounds. Is there any hope for a future between a big city girl and a rodeo cowboy?

Any city girl will really appreciate this gem by Nikki Alton. Who among us doesn’t have a horrible day and long for a special man to rescue us? If he’s a sexy-as-sin authentic rodeo cowboy, then you’ve got the perfect ending to a bad day.

THE COWBOY contains four novellas by well-known authors. Each story will tempt, tease, and leave readers drooling for a cowboy of their very own. The authors capture the persona that draw us to these men who work hard, play harder, and when they love, they make sure they stay in the saddle until everyone is fully satisfied. This is definitely a book I’ll be adding to my keeper shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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