The Cowboy And The Captive
By Gail
Apr 4, 2004 - 9:00:00 PM

Luc Jardin had known as soon as he saw Maria Catarina Angeles walk towards him and his partner, Jack Riley that she was trouble.  She had looked every inch of the spoiled rich girl she was.  Luc needed the money she was offering him to fly her and a crate over the border and the offer of a night of hot sex, especially after Maria had given them both a taste of what was to come.  Even though he knew, something was suspicious and that something was not quite right with Ms. Angeles, he continued with the trip.  No sooner had they arrived at the destination she had requested, trouble arrived, trouble that almost cost him and his partner their lives.

Melina Angeles, has always stood and taken the punishments meant for her sister; a twin sister, who did not care who she hurt, but her parents had begged and cajoled, wearing Melina down. And when Luc came to see her father after Maria?s latest escapade, Melina looked on in misery as her father introduced her as Maria.  A horrifying two weeks in prison resulted in the last capitulation, which left Melina seriously injured both in body and soul, while Maria walked free.  Maria's behavior with both her addiction, and who she mixes with causes more and more concerns, but Melina's parents refuse to see.  Now Maria is in big trouble again, Melina's refuses to take the fall for Maria and walks away, saddened and heartbroken.


But meanwhile, Luc has been planning revenge; he kidnaps Maria with the intention of getting her to dry-out and off her addiction.  But the Maria he captures does not appear to be the same woman he knew, many things do not add up including his captive's insistence, that she is not Maria but Melina, Maria's sister. 


Follow Luc as he finds himself with a woman who is not how he remembers, as the story unfolds and the truth becomes apparent so does the dangers that could destroy the growing love between him and his captive.


Lora Leigh's THE COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE is a captivating tale based on Aesop's Fable 'The Wolf and the Nurse'.  It covers a slew of emotionally charged situations from betrayal and revenge through to passionate, all consuming love.  Be prepared to read it one sitting. This is an excellent addition, to Ms. Leigh 's growing repertoire of superb writing.


I highly recommend THE COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE especially to those that have yet to sample Lora Leigh's very distinct style of writing of highly emotional, seductive, and passionate erotic stories that will engage you from the first sentence to the last. 

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