The Cowboy Imports a Bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek, Book 3)

Author: Cora Seton

Publisher: One Acres Press

Release Date: September 3, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Rob Matheson has spent his entire life working the family farm – always under his father and brothers’ thumbs.  His love for agriculture has been squelched under the tasks associated with ranching, but his father’s issued a challenge that could possibly change what appears to be a bleak future.  The first of Holt Matheson’s four sons who brings home a bride will receive 200 acres near the river to use in any way they want.  Rob already has a love interest but didn’t think he had anything to offer her.  Now he does, and he’s not about to let this opportunity pass him by. 

Morgan Tate dreams of owning her own winery.  She presently works as the Assistant Manager of distillery at Cassidy Wineries in Victoria, Canada.  All of her success there has been overshadowed by the winery owner’s son’s expectations that she’ll eventually marry him.  Her upbringing wasn’t traditional and Morgan’s long since learned that the only person she can truly count on is herself, but after meeting her mother’s other children in Chance Creek, Morgan finds herself dreaming of a future with Rob and being accepted amongst his community and welcomed with open arms by her siblings. 


Morgan’s thrilled when she learns that Rob’s flown up to Victoria to see her, but she’s truly astounded by his proposal of marriage.   If she accepts she could possibly have all her heart’s desires at her fingertips but she could also be setting herself up for heartache of epic proportions.  The Montana land is an excellent size for a vineyard and Rob swears he’ll help her get it up and running.  She’d be closer to her brother and sister that she’d recently met for the first time, but there is still that issue of how and where their mother spent the family fortune, and it seems she’s being blamed for the missing funds.  There’s also the question of whether or not a marriage to Rob would be a love-match or not, it’s a great idea on a practical level but can they really stick it out for the long haul?


If you’ve been reading this series since the beginning you already know that Rob is quite a practical joker, so it’s great to see his more serious side finally revealed.  Morgan is a wonderful young woman full of determination to build a successful vinery.  Because of her unusual upbringing she takes family bonds very seriously and that fact plays into this story in a huge way.  Cora Seton brings the importance of family to the forefront with THE COWBOY IMPORTS A BRIDE in a unique way and has a few unexpected twists and turns in the plot that keep you eagerly turning pages to find out what happens next.  Of course, there’s also an outlandish prank that has everyone out of sorts and Rob and Morgan’s entire future at stake but it’s a risk well worth taking.  I really enjoyed Rob and Morgan’s story, not just because they’re a wonderful couple, but Ms. Seton has devised this series as a sort of jig saw, pieces fit here and there but you don’t see the complete picture until the very end. 


THE COWBOY IMPORTS A BRIDE is the third title in Ms. Seton’s COWBOYS OF CHANCE CREEK series.  I’m anxious to find out what the next story has in store for us. 


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