Callahan Cowboys Series, Book 8, The Cowboy Soldier’s Sons
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 22, 2012 - 6:37:22 PM

Shaman Phillips has taken over the running of the Dark Diablo since he left the military.  The refuge has given him the space to heal from his injuries and settle back into civilian life.  What he didn’t expect was to have someone like Tempest arrive on his doorstep.  Oh, she might not have been seeking him out to start with but there’s also no denying the intense attraction he feels for her – or she for him. 

Tempest Thornbury has worked hard for her success but she’s never forgotten where she came from or her very humble beginnings.  She owns a villa in Italy and has been offered a job in New York but for some reason she felt that she needed to return to Tempest, the town where she grew up, for a visit.  In addition to reconnecting with friends and family she’s discovered a fondest for the sexy military man who’s engaged her heart like no other man has in years.


Tempest doesn’t pretend that the time she spends with Shaman will result in a happily-ever-after, but she sees nothing wrong with indulging in their mutual desire during the time she’s there.  Unfortunately her young friend, Cat, has a few ideas of her own and she’s smart enough to know how to instigate them – including suggesting that Tempest should have a baby with Shaman.  Realistically, Tempest knows that it’s not a good idea but she can’t help but dream of a baby that might have been if circumstances were different.  Imagine her surprise when her New York plans are thwarted by the unexpected discovery of her pregnancy. 


Shaman insists on marriage and she agrees but the marriage is to last for one year after the birth.  There are just a few little complications such as the surprising discovery that Tempest is having twins or the trouble arising from Tempest’s brother’s self-entitled attitude regarding the inheritance left to Tempest by Bud Taylor, the man believed to be her father.  Shaman believes he’s protecting Tempest by keeping her in the dark about what’s going on but in reality all he’s doing is pushing her away – and in the process could lose his new family.


THE COWBOY SOLDIER’S SONS is a captivating read that really makes you look at the world and the people around you in a different light.  At first Tempest seems to be nothing more than a flighty celebrity but you’re quickly dissuaded of that notion as her background and dreams are revealed.  There’s a sort of innocent friendship/romance between Tempest and Shaman that holds your attention, even as the situation with her brother is revealed, that had me crossing my fingers for this couple.  What I particularly liked about this story is that all of the characters incite some sort of emotional reaction from the reader and really bring this story to life.  Tina Leonard does an excellent job penning a story that is fun, sexy, thought-provoking and leaves you with a feeling that everything is right in the world – well, at least until you turn on the TV and catch the latest news.  


For more information about the other titles in the CALLAHAN COWBOYS series, visit Ms. Leonard’s website.  She has a whole page dedicated to these very fine men.


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