The Cowboy and the Princess

Author: Lori Wilde

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: July 31, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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In his twenty-nine years of life, previous experiences have given Brady Talmadge five lessons to live by. But on one particular night, as he and his dog travel to Jubilee for a job there, he breaks all five, starting with picking up a hitchhiker. Brady lives in his truck/camper, traveling from place to place. As a horse whisperer, he works with traumatized horses and is known to have a ninety percent success rate. He likes his freedom and has no plans to part with it anytime in the future. The last time he picked up a hitchhiker, it had cost him dearly, not counting spending four days in the hospital. But he could not let the vulnerable girl stand out in the pouring rain and just pass her by.

Princess Annabella Madeleine Irene Osbourne Farrington is royalty in her country of Monesta, the smallest country in Europe. Within six weeks she is to marry Teddy, a prince from Dubinstein, the second smallest country, but until then she wants to really live, like an ordinary person. Having read Zane Grey and other authors like him, she is intrigued with the Southwest United States and wants to meet a cowboy. She even holds a PhD in Southwest literature. Usually surrounded by guards, she has little chance for adventure, watching the world pass her by from her bedroom window. But while attending her best friend Echo’s wedding, she discovers she has an ally. Sneaking in hair dye, her friend helped her as Anna chopped off her waist length golden hair and dyed it black. Dressing as a cowgirl and taking her small dog, Lady Astor, with her in her doggie bag, she makes her escape. The only cash she had been able to get her hands on was five hundred dollars since her mother did not like her touching cash. Within two hours she had been picked up by Brady, introducing herself as Annie Coste, using her old nursemaid’s last name. But when they stopped moments later, she saw her bodyguards pull up in a limo. So she did the first thing she could think of – pulling Brady into a heated kiss. Before this she had only been kissed by her fiancé, but there was no comparison between the mild kiss from her fiancé and the heated, passionate kiss she shared with Brady. A big fan of movies, she cannot help comparing Brady to Joe Bradley and herself to Princess Ann from her all-time favorite movie Roman Holiday. Watching the movie had given her the courage to strike out on her adventure and she had learned from Princess Ann’s mistakes.

Brady knows there is something different about Annie and that she is hiding something. But he cannot help being intrigued by this innocent, vulnerable girl who makes him laugh. It almost seems to him that she is from a different world. But she refuses to discuss it. The one thing Brady hates is secretive women, but he is so attracted to Annie that he chances it.

As they spend time together, Annie feels more drawn to Brady and knows she will never forget him, especially after their kiss. She would give up everything to spend the rest of her life with him. But how long can that last with bodyguards on her tail?

A delightful tale, THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS, the latest novel by New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde, is an exciting, intriguing contemporary romance that will leave you eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next. All Annie wants is a taste of ordinary life before she is tied down to a loveless marriage for the rest of life. But she soon finds herself pondering whether a taste will be enough to last a lifetime. Brady has been happy on his own, until he meets Annie. However, with so much against them, can they have a happily ever after? I enjoyed reading this story and found myself rooting for them, even though I wondered how they could ever work things out. As a longtime fan of author Lori Wilde’s work, I could not resist reading this one and as usual, Ms. Wilde not only meets, but exceeds, expectations with this story. By combining humor, passion, clever banter, cowboys, horses, engaging, downhome characters, royalty, romance and love, Ms. Wilde has penned an unforgettable story. I highly recommend THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS and look forward to reading whatever Ms. Wilde comes up with next. Do not miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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