The Cowboy's Christmas Bride
By Shayla
Dec 6, 2006 - 8:55:00 PM

  On the day of her wedding, Allison finds out that her husband-to-be is gay.  Unable to go through with the nuptials, she runs away, only to get lost in a blizzard with what appears to be a ghost guiding her.  She ends up at the home of a man who is wary of women; especially those wearing wedding dresses.  Allison soon gets caught up in playing house with the hunky CJ and his cute nephew.  But what happens when CJ’s family assumes she is the perfect match for CJ’s brother?  When it comes time for her to leave, can Allison make the right decision?

CJ is shocked to discover Allison, wearing a wedding dress, on his doorstep during a snow storm.  Assuming she is just another bride-to-be who can’t cope with living out in the middle of nowhere, CJ offers her a place to stay until the blizzard passes.  CJ never realizes that his unexpected visitor will worm her way into his cynical heart.  When his family shows up for the holidays, CJ starts to see red when everyone constantly pairs Allison with his brother, Trip.  Surprisingly, his other brother, Fitz, can’t stand Allison and does nothing to hide his animosity.


CJ wants Allison to stay, but can he take another chance on love and lay his heart on the line?  Both CJ and Allison have issues to work through, but will they reach for what they want the most, or will it be lost forever?


Cindy Spencer Pape's THE COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS BRIDE is a heartfelt story. The genuine emotions emanating from the characters had me both laughing and crying.  While Ms. Pape tugged at my emotions, she also cranked up the heat.  The intimate scenes between Allison and CJ kept me glued to my computer.  The Crazy H is the perfect place to visit and one place I hope to reacquaint myself with soon.  With her rich character development, Ms Pape has me yearning for more of this intriguing family.  I am especially eager to hear more about the unmatched Hall brothers, Trip and Fitz.  Thank you, Ms. Pape, for delivering such a fun-tastic story!   

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