Hot off the Ranch: The Cowboys and the English Teacher
By Noelle
Dec 11, 2009 - 9:03:18 PM

Betsy had spent her entire life doing what she was supposed to do. She worked a safe job, lived a safe life, and was secretly unhappy. When she got the opportunity to volunteer in Mexico working as an English teacher, she jumped at the chance. When she arrived, she fell in love with everything about the job, including the handsome twin contractors who seemed determined to get her to go out with them. Were they just looking for a good time, or was there the possibility of something more there?

Jack and Wyler knew that Betsy was special from the moment they saw her. When they realized that they both had feelings for her, they decided that they would both go after her, and hopefully she would chose them both. Would Betsy be willing to entertain the concept of an unorthodox relationship with so much potential for scandal? If she does, what will happen when the summer ends, and she has to go back home?

With enough naughty nookie to satisfy any lover of sexy romance and two sinful heroes, THE COWBOYS AND THE ENGLISH TEACHER makes for a very steamy read. I enjoyed the paranormal angle supplied via the boy at the party, as well as the numerous love scenes between the heroine and the heroes. Ms. Ryder approaches the ménage concept from a slightly different angle, but the ending product is very enjoyable. Well done!

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