The Cupcake Coven - Cupcake Coven series, Book 1

Author: Ashlyn Chase

Publisher: Brick City Publishing, Inc.

Release Date: May 5, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: eBook

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Dru Tanner takes a leave of absence from his job as ranch foreman in Austin, Texas, so he can search for his missing sister, Shasta.  The last time he heard, she was traveling to Salem, Massachusetts, to find out if it was true that one of their ancestors was a witch.  It's not like Shasta to stay out of touch for so long so Dru suspects something has happened to her.

On his way to search for his sister, Dru makes a wrong turn and arrives in Salem, New Hampshire.  It's possible Shasta is near so he finds a coven to join in Portsmouth.  Since his sister is Wiccan, Dru hopes someone has seen her or knows about her.

Rebecca Colby belongs to the coven that Dru joins in Portsmouth and she owns a bakery in town.  That night each member writes a spell and Rebecca's centers on her business, which is failing financially.  Her father loaned her the money to start the bakery but for some unknown reason he is insisting that she pay it back immediately.  Rebecca needs to make her business profitable quickly in order to pay him back.

When Dru offers to help Rebecca at the bakery, she accepts because he will be able to search for his sister while he hands out samples for her.  If they're lucky, or the goddess is willing, they'll both succeed in their goals.  Are they both ready for more than cupcakes heating up the kitchen?

Dru is a Texas cowboy completely out of his realm in the city, surrounded by the charming men and women in the coven.  Rebecca fumbles with magic and her business savvy, trying to make a profit while pleasing everyone without asking for help.  Dru can't resist becoming invested in Rebecca's success and he enlists the coven's support.  When trouble brews, can the coven outsmart the evil focused on destroying Rebecca's hopes for the future?

THE CUPCAKE COVEN is a bewitching launch to Ashlyn Chase's new series.  A lighthearted romance combines with a suspenseful plot, magically entertaining readers with laughter and a sweet love story.  Even though the story is sweet, the heat doesn't always stay in the oven.  Rebecca and Dru's passion for one another burns up the pages amongst their caring nature for friends and family.  A cute story for the happy-ever-after addicted!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dorine Linnen

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