The Da Vinci Cook

Author: Joanne Pence

Publisher: AVON

Release Date: February 27, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Angie Amalfi's culinary career seems to be headed in the right direction when a frantic call from her sister, Caterina, throws everything into chaos. Caterina has witnessed a murder and is following what she thinks is the murderer. Angie calls her boyfriend, who also happens to be the homicide detective arriving on the scene of the very murder Caterina witnessed. One thing leads to another and soon events spin them out of control. Will Angie's quick wits and excellent cooking skills save them?

Right from the first paragraph this book takes off and refuses to stop. The reader is captivated as the plot flowed from one direction to another keeping the reader guessing at the outcome. THE DA VINCI COOK was full of surprises for the characters in the book and the reader. The characters were enriched with vitality and style. Ms. Pence captured the sisters relationship with an honest approach. Angie and Caterina's conversations were laced with love and typical sibling bickering. It was beautiful to read how the author never lost sight of the fact that the sisters loved each other even in the harshest moments or exchanges. One of the settings of this book is Rome. I have never been there but the exceptionally written descriptions of the historic local gave me a glimpse of what I am missing. Ms. Pence blended the details of the streets and architecture without pausing from the suspense.

Joanne Pence is one of the greatest mystery writers I have ever read. I can honestly say it would be difficult to find anyone who does not find this book to be enjoyable. I can not express how delighted I was to find that this book was part of a on-going series staring Angie Amalfi. This delightful book will chase away the stress of your busy day with an intensity that will leave you well entertained. This was such a high quality book I plan to recommend THE DA VINCI COOK to the most discriminating mystery reader I know, my Mother.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Zoe Knighton

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