The Wilde Brothers, book 1 - The Dangerous Jacob Wilde

Author: Sandra Marton

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: November 13, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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At sixteen, Jacob ‘Jake’ Wilde already had his pilot’s license, was a football hero and was very popular with the girls, dating not only the Homecoming Queen, but also her court…one at a time, of course. Like the rest of the men in his family, he enlisted…after his third year at college. He stayed away, serving in the Army and flying Blackhawk helicopters on dangerous missions, for just over four years before finally returning home to his family’s huge ranch. He had grown up with a four-star father and was expected to live up to his standards, as his father despised anything and anyone that was not spit and polish. But Jake no longer belonged anywhere. He had just sold his townhouse in Georgetown and he did not even belong to his family’s ranch, El Sueno, a half million acres of rolling hills and grassland in Wilde’s Crossing, Texas. He did not plan to stay long at the ranch, despite his brothers’ plans to persuade him otherwise. e After spending a great deal of time in the hospital due to a failed mission, he was returning to the ranch with a scarred face, leaving him with a smile that would scare small children, and wearing an eye patch. With only one functional eye, he was no longer able to pilot a plane. He had run out of excuses for not coming home.

Addison McDowell grew up in a run-down section, but she had made her way out by not being afraid of anything, ending up on Park Avenue in New York City. Now she has her law degree and her own Manhattan condo. Doing the proper thing was what she did now. That is how she found herself at the party welcoming home Jake Wilde. She had promised her Texas lawyer and her Texas financial advisor, aka Jake’s brothers, that she would attend. However, despite her rise in circumstances, her reputation is suffering. Charles Hilton, the multi-millionaire lawyer, had been her mentor and the closest thing to a father that she had. She had stayed by his side and cared for him as he grew weaker and finally died, but the gossip columns and blogs had not cared about the truth and had painted the relationship as being sordid. This gossip ran rampant in Wilde’s Crossing, Texas just as it had in Manhattan. Charlie had left his ranch in Wilde’s Crossing to Addison, having bought it a week before he died, sight unseen.  Since relocating there, she has tried to keep a low profile, to no avail. Her reputation had preceded her, and she was tired of people talking about her. Addison was interested in selling the ranch, but Jake’s brothers had advised her that she would make more profit if she let Jake advise her. So she had attended the party to make his acquaintance, unprepared to fall for the gorgeous, scarred man.

Since his failed mission, Jake has not experienced any sexual interest, in any woman. That part of his life had become unimportant. But his first look at Addison changed everything. However, when a misunderstanding ensues at the party, the two are soon at each other’s throats. After she stomps out, Jake comes to his senses and follows her to apologize. But before long, passions explode and they spend several days in each other’s arms. However, Jake does not see himself as a hero and he is tortured by memories and nightmares of the men who died, as he takes responsibility for the deaths on his own shoulders. Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he fears hurting the woman he is beginning to care for. Can she get him to open up and give them a chance, or will she lose the one man she could build a life with?

A touching, timely tale, THE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE, the first book in USA Today bestselling author Sandra Marton’s WILDE BROTHERS series, is a sensual, emotion-packed contemporary romance that is sure to keep you enthralled right up to the last page. With an alpha male and an alpha female, fireworks are bound to happen, both in anger and in passion. I enjoyed this story immensely and could not help rooting for Jake and Addison. Filled with passion, complex and compelling characters, witty repartee, family dynamics, PTSD, healing, romance and true love, this story is one you will remember long after the last page is read and the book is closed. A definite keeper! With today’s events, this story will strike a chord in the hearts of many readers. If you are looking for a great story with plenty of emotion and spice, look no further than this book. I highly recommend THE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE and look forward to reading more about the delightful WILDE BROTHERS.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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