The Dare
By Angel
Nov 1, 2005 - 6:53:00 PM

Siddy has found the perfect past time since she broke up with her boyfriend, she’s having a cyber affair with a man she’s never even met named Jake.  When Jake asks to meet in person for a night of intense passion, Siddy has her doubts.  Her friend Nick encourages her to go and make her fantasies a reality.  Siddy can’t understand why Nick is so determined to make her go or why all of a sudden her feelings for him are changing.

Nick is friends with Siddy, but he wants to be so much more.  He knows that as Nick, Siddy will resist them getting involved, but as Jake her cyber lover, he can make all his desires come true and show Siddy that they can be more than just friends.  Nick is determined to get his woman and he will use every sensual skill in his book to make Siddy want Jake beyond all reason.  What will she say though when she finds out that Jake and Nick are one in the same?


THE DARE is an awesome tale of two people finding love and one man’s determination to get the woman he wants.  Siddy is a great heroine with lots of spunk, while Nick has one of these guys has to go!  LOL! an intense sensuality that comes shining through in his alter ego Jake.  Siddy is completely oblivious to the fact that her lover and her friend are the same man and that makes the story even more interesting because the reader keeps wondering when is she going to figure it out.  The love scenes are positively steamy with tons of heat.  Marilyn Lee is known for her stories of passion and heat.  THE DARE is sure to please her fans and have them panting for more.

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