The Dark Side Of Paradise
By Briana Burress
Sep 15, 2005 - 4:04:00 PM

Meg arrives in town a week before the audit is due to begin to see the sights and to sow some wilds oats before making a decision whether or not to accept a marriage proposal to a man she does not love in order to fulfill a family obligation.  Meg also works as a freelance photographer and is snapping away at some of the scenery at the local beach when she spots a gorgeous man surfing some wild waves and wearing very skimpy clothes.  She cannot seem to take her eyes off of him as she takes some wonderful shots of him and wanders who this luscious creature could possible be.

Meg and her friend Carol are attending a luau when she suddenly becomes ill, faints and awakens in the arms of Marc, who just happens to be the man she was taking pictures of.  He spends the next week showing Meg some of the local sights and even takes her to visit some of his family.  They give into the heated desires of their bodies on a secluded beach on one of the islands and discover that the love that is growing between them cannot be sated just by a quick fling.  Meg is shocked to discover that Marc has not been truthful with her about him being the island's most available bachelor, Marc Akilahu, whose family are blood relatives of the Queen. He must take a Hawaiian bride in order to receive the inheritance that is needed to save his family's plantation.   


With a very heavy heart Meg realizes that she must get control of her life and she finally sits down and goes over the files of the audit that she is to conduct, and she sees that Marc is the Executive Director of the foundation.   Marc does not understand Meg's cool demeanor towards him as she puts her personal feelings aside and runs the audit that was ordered.  She finds that Marc and his co-workers have done a very thorough job with their record keeping.  She is having trouble trying to find out why an audit was ordered in the first place and then she discovers some strange distributions of money that have been made that could destroy Marc.   She decides that she must turn the audit over to her father, but has he been called soon enough to save Marc and the foundation?  Will Marc be able to find an alternate way to bring in capital so he can marry the woman who has become so important to him?


It is hard not to fall in love all over again as you experience the erotic and sacrificing love story of Marc and Meg in THE DARK SIDE OF PARADISE.  Their love is nearly destroyed before it even begins when they are faced with the obligations to their families and the deceit that could be their downfall.


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