The Daughter Dilemma

Author: Ann Evans

Publisher: Harlequin Superromance

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Five years ago, Nick D’Angelo’s father had a massive stroke.  Soon after, Nick came home to take over the running of the family business, Lightning River Lodge in Colorado.  He certainly has his plate full with keeping things running smoothly.  Now his fourteen-year-old daughter, Tessa, is being very moody, and Nick seems to be at odds with her constantly.

Kari Churchill’s father was a writer who was a stickler for research.  He made his last adventure in Lightning River, Colorado, where he died two years ago after getting stuck in a snowstorm.  Now, Kari is compelled to visit the place where her father died, and to search for his journal.

Kari arrives in Lightning River seven hours late for her scheduled trip that Nick was supposed to charter.  Now, he’s refusing to take her until morning.  But, when he leaves, Kari persuades Nick’s sister, Addy to take her up.  The sky is completely clear when they take off, but soon a lightning storm appears out of nowhere, and the plane ends up crashing.  Luckily both women suffer only minor damage, but Nick is fit to be tied.  On the outside he totally blames Kari, but on the inside he feels just a bit guilty himself.  Especially when Addy won’t be able to help much around the lodge because of a broken arm and sprained wrist.

When Kari learns that Addy is out of commission for working at the lodge, Kari volunteers to help the family out.  Kari also feels guilty about the accident, and she wants to make it up any way she can.  She just doesn’t count on the growing attraction for the head of the D’Angelo family, as well as her love for his remarkable family.  Nick certainly is a gorgeous man who knows his way around the Rockies, and Kari can’t help but admire the bullheaded Italian.  They constantly go head to head, and it leads to an undeniable passion.  But, can their relationship lead to anything permanent when Kari is attracted to the adventures of life and traveling around the world?  Can they both realize they many adventures they could have together right in the Heart of the Rockies?

THE DAUGHTER DILEMMA is an awesome start to the Heart of the Rockies series by Ann Evans.  Set in the beautiful wilderness of the Rockies, this book is filled with a wonderful cast of characters.  The D’Angelo family will invade your heart and keep you quickly flipping the pages to find out if love will prevail.  THE DAUGHTER DILEMMA is overflowing with family love, excitement and a tense attraction that builds up to an explosive love affair.  Ann Evans writes beautifully and knows how to keep her readers engrossed from the beginning until the grand finale.  I enthusiastically recommend this one!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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