The Daughter He Never Knew: Pilgrim Cove Series, Book 4

Author: Linda Barrett

Publisher: Harlequin SuperRomance

Release Date: July, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Jason Parker left Pilgrim Cove after his twin brother Jared's DUI death from a prom night car accident. Grieving family members blamed Jason for Jared's death because they felt he should have been able to stop him from driving that fateful night. Although nothing could have been further from the truth, Jared couldn't handle the pain and grief he felt, and being a teenager, ran away from the guilt. His high school sweetheart told him she'd wait for him until he sorted things out, but it never dawned on her it would take nine long years for him to come to terms with Jared's untimely death.

Jason has become a rather important songwriter during his time away from Pilgrim Cove, and is known in the world of music as J. J. Parks, in honor of Jared's and his dream of stardom. With his latest song becoming a hit, Jason longs for the home he loves, and the girl he left behind. But after having told her to move on and not to wait for him any longer, Lila has done just that. With his arrival in Pilgrim Cove, Jason quickly learns Lila has gotten engaged to someone else, and has no intention of giving him a second chance.

When Jason learns Lila has a daughter who is eight years old, it doesn't take long before he realizes the little girl is also his. Katie is looking forward to having a dad and a new sister after her mom gets married, but now with Jason in the picture, things begin to get complicated in the little girl's life. Jason sets about to win over Lila's heart, and to gain the trust of THE DAUGHTER HE NEVER KNEW. Will he succeed, or will he lose them both to a man he knows Lila doesn't really love?

It is with sadness I say goodbye to my friends at Pilgrim Cove, for after having read all four books in this series, the residents of Pilgrim Cove, Massachusetts, really have become my friends. Linda Barrett has done an excellent job in creating a place of love, laughter, and family, a place many have said they too would like to call home. Pilgrim Cove is not a perfect place by any stretch of the imagination, but the warmth and friendship of its residents shines through to the ones lucky enough to visit, and who even sometimes take up residence there as well. I highly recommend the Pilgrim Cove series to anyone who enjoys a well-written contemporary romance that will also tug at the heart strings. Linda Barrett's novels are ones I proudly display on my keeper shelf, and I eagerly look forward to the next offering from this talented author.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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