Bad Boys of Crystal Lake, book 3 - The Day He Kissed Her

Author: Juliana Stone

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: April 1, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Architect MacKenzie ‘Mac’ Draper grew up with an abusive father and a mother who always chose her husband over her children, despite her love for them. But Mac had been fortunate to have his friends, the Edwards’ boys, Jake and Jesse, as well as Caine, to turn to. Together, the boys had been known locally as the Bad Boys of Crystal Lake. As soon as they were able, Mac and his five siblings had left home and now, only he and his younger sister, Becca, still visit. Mac fears turning into his father, so he refuses to get involved in a committed relationship. Mac has escaped the atmosphere he grew up in and has a job he enjoys as well as a New York apartment. However, his love for his family and friends keeps drawing him back to his hometown of Crystal Lake. On this latest visit, he arrives to discover that his sister has also entered into an abusive marriage. Her ten-year-old son, Liam, reminds Mac of how he was as a boy and he wants nothing more than to get his sister and nephew away from the abuse. During a Memorial Day outing, Mac runs into Lily, the mysterious girl he spent the night with on New Year’s Eve, and he decides to delay leaving town for a bit.

Lily St. Clare grew up in a wealthy family, but their crazy issues could even rival Mac’s. So she moved as far away from her family as she could. But her beloved brother had been in Jake’s platoon and was killed in battle overseas. Since his death, Lily and Jake have developed a close friendship, although nothing of a romantic nature.

Lily knew that one night stands were never a good thing, but she had been caught up in one on New Year’s Eve with bad boy Mac. It had been all about sex that night. In fact, she had not known his name, nor had he asked for hers. She should have left town, but she hadn’t and now he was back. Meeting again over the Memorial Day weekend, their desire for each other is an inescapable fact. She has never been as physically attracted to another man as she is to Mac.

Lily is a challenge to Mac and he wants to get to know her. Giving into the attraction between them, they agree to be exclusive with each other, but only until he leaves town. After all, this is just a physical relationship. But Lily finds herself falling in love with the local bad boy. Could Mac possibly feel the same way, and can Lily get beyond the walls that Mac has built up around his heart?

A scrumptious tale, THE DAY HE KISSED HER, the third book in author Juliana Stone’s BAD BOYS OF CRYSTAL LAKE series, is an emotion-packed contemporary romance that readers will be unable to put down once they start reading. Mac and Lily are two vulnerable souls and they have a lot of issues to overcome before they have any chance at happiness together. Any moment they are together is fraught with sexual tension. But their sexual attraction quickly evolves into deeper feelings as they get to really know one another. I really loved his support system; the other bad boys of Crystal Lake and their wives.

Domestic abuse, family dynamics, friendship, healing, sexual tension, humor, romance and love combine in this emotion-packed story that will keep readers glued to the pages right up to the very satisfying ending. I have enjoyed all three books of this series and have relished being able to revisit the other bad boys from the first two stories. Although this novel can read as a standalone, I recommend reading all three, starting with THE SUMMER HE CAME HOME and then THE CHRISTMAS HE LOVED HER, finishing up with THE DAY HE KISSED HER. Do not miss any of them!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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