The Desert King's Pregnant Bride

Author: Annie West

Publisher: Harlequin Presents Extra

Release Date: UK - October 2008/U.S. - April 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Annie West creates an intriguing setting and dynamic characters that pull off an emotional story in THE DESERT KING’S PREGNANT BRIDE.

Maggie Lewis is used to putting her own ambitions on the back burner.  Raised by a single father on a working Thoroughbred stud in Australia, she knows the value of hard work.  She thinks her life is just beginning when a successful horseman takes an active interest in her only to discover she’s the cover for his affair with a local breeder’s wife.  Heartbroken, she stumbles off into night with no clear idea of where she’s headed both literally and figuratively.  Where she lands, she had no idea just how fortuitous she truly is.

Widower Khalid Bin Shareef is in Australia touring the holdings of his dying brother as his heir.  Not only has he sworn off virgins, but relationships in general.  When Maggie Lewis stumbles into his headlights, he does the only gentlemanly thing he can do.  He stops to lend aid.  Deciding her home is too far to take the shell-shocked woman, he takes her to the guesthouse his hosts have given him for his stay.  He wants to be a gentleman; however, Maggie’s innocent demands send his good intentions straight out the window.

The news of his brother’s death sends Khalid back to his own country, but not without vowing to find out more of the elusive woman who captured his interest and left him to wake alone.  Sending for some of his horses from the Australia stud, he insists Maggie accompany them.  When a horse handling accident puts her under the care of his doctor, the news that she’s pregnant definitely gets his attention.

But is a baby enough to heal the respective wounds of two strangers wounded by love and loss?

Annie West captures her readers with a lure as magical as tales from Arabian Nights.  THE DESERT KING’S PREGNANT BRIDE has all the magical elements of a good romance superbly woven into a timeless masterpiece.  Well done.

(APRIL 2009 in US)

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ansley Cooper

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