The Desert Lord's Baby
By Cinnamon
Jul 16, 2008 - 6:27:00 AM


Carmen has a severe case of endometriosis and has been told that she will never get pregnant.  So when Prince Farooq Aal Masood approaches her with the offer of intimacy, she reassures him she is “safe” in good conscience.  However, medicine is not an exact science, because she finds herself in a predicament six weeks later.  Pregnant with the prince’s baby and afraid that he might want her to end it, Carmen runs to protect her little miracle and start a new life.

Farooq Aal Masood thought he had found the woman he wanted to marry.  But Carmen was using him for her physical gratification, and when she’d satisfied her lust, even the promise of wealth couldn’t hold her close.  Farooq’s rival for the throne hints that he paid Carmen to spy on Farooq and then paid her to leave.  And everything falls into place in the prince’s mind.  Good riddance.

Until he discovers she had his daughter.  Now heaven and hell won’t stand in his way to find them and take them home, in spite of Carmen’s betrayal.  He’ll keep her close, get even with her, and make sure she doesn’t betray him again. 

Farooq at her front door?  It can’t be!  Carmen has covered her tracks well, but not well enough, and he’s here, demanding that Carmen and their baby girl return home with him.  His powers of persuasion are lethal, and within twenty-four hours they are in his homeland, complete with a legally binding, retroactive marriage to make Mennah legitimate.

He’s a beautiful father.  Once Carmen begins to settle in, her hidden love for Farooq begins to take over, leading to a surrender of her heart and her body.  But the current king has made a rule that his heir must produce a male heir, and Carmen cannot have another child.  Will Farooq put her aside or take a second wife?  He can’t let his wicked rival rule the country, so what choice does he have? 

A brilliant Desire debut, THE DESERT LORD’S BABY is a sexy, emotional ride.  Intense, passionate, filled with intrigue and royalty, this novel packs a powerful punch and emphatically delivers on the promise of the Desire brand.  I did miss the medical aspect of Ms. Gates’ earlier novels, but I thoroughly enjoyed THE DESERT LORD’S BABY and look forward to the sequels coming soon.  Farooq’s delicious brothers promise two more great reads!

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