The Devil Served Tortellini
By BJ Deese
Apr 1, 2005 - 5:08:00 PM

Maria Pagliano is a woman on a mission.  She must lose weight in time for her high school reunion in less than two months.  Her old lover will be there, and she wants to show off a beautiful figure.  Maria joins the Chubby Chums weight loss support group.  This group is outrageously funny with their supportive sayings.  Maria must stick to the crazy group, because she's definitely having a hard time saying no to her favorite Italian foods.  Especially when chef Dante Del Rosso offers up his to-die-for Tortellini.

Dante has finally found a woman who he can picture in his future.  But, Maria is not only trying to keep her hands off food, but men are a no-no, too.  Dante can't resist the passion that radiates from Maria or the love that fills up her heart.  Her family is crazy and passionate, but Dante has always wanted that for himself.  Now, Dante will have to convince Maria that he's right for her, because she's certainly fighting the attraction.  With the little help of a matchmaking mamma, Dante just might get the woman of his dreams.


Maria is an all around beautiful heroine.  She is full of passion, love and excitement.  She was once betrayed by a man she was deeply in love with, and the relationship left a deep scar on her heart.  Maria doesn't want to make the same mistake twice, but Dante is just the passionate Italian to get her pulse racing and her heart thumping.  Dante rates at the top of list for one the sexiest heroes I've ever encountered.  And, I totally fell in love with him.


Author Shirley Jump has a writing talent that is pure magic!  I always love escaping into a wonderful book by this author, because she definitely knows how to create a world of love, laughter and luscious food.  THE DEVIL SERVED TORTELLINI is absolutely hilarious and healthily dosed with scrumptious recipes.  Mix in a crazy cast of characters, a fun plot, and pages ripe with excellent Italian dialogue, and you've got yourself a keeper.  I can't wait to get my hands on Ms. Jump's next novel, The Angel Craved Lobster, coming in August 2005!  I know it's going to be scrumptious!

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