The Diagnosis of Love
By Amanda Haffery
Jul 15, 2007 - 2:44:03 PM

Dr. Holly Campbell is on a mission to discover where she fits in life. Her life isn't turning out like she had planned; her mother died, her love life sucks, and she's in the process of changing jobs. After meeting a world-renowned psychic who tells her she's going to England , she decides that her work in the hospital isn't gratifying enough. Lately, she's been so angry at her patients and herself for not being able to sympathize with them. While reading a medical journal, Holly decides not to take the permanent job offered to her by the hospital, but instead to take a job as a "traveling doc."

Along the way of self discovery, Holly comes across letters to her mother from a strange man. Who is this mysterious Simon and why is he declaring his love to her mother? Apparently they met when Holly's mother was in Granada in medical school, but what about her parent's love? Were things ever the same for them when Holly's mother returned home? Or was Holly's mother always in love with the wrong man? Will Holly solve this mystery in her mother's past life and maybe discover a love to call her very own along her way?


THE DIAGNOSIS OF LOVE is a heart-felt journey of life, love and self discovery. Holly is a wonderfully complex character. As a doctor, she knows she should feel compassion and be able to touch her patients, instead, all she wants to do is run away from them and yell at them to stop complaining. This internal debate continuously destroys everything she's ever believed in, making her rethink her life in a whole new way. Added to this is the fact that after Holly's mother dies, she discovers some love letters from this strange man, Simon, and Holly has to wonder how her mother and Simon were involved. Was her parent's marriage all a sham? The secondary characters shed a lot of light into Holly's life from her strictly Catholic grandmother, her seminary brother and her wayward father. This was an amazing tale into the life of a lost woman trying to determine her destiny. Things become very interesting when Holly arrives in the U.K. Will she discover who this man Simon is? Will she get her own happily ever after? Readers will love Holly and will root for her to find all of her answers. Maggie Leffler is an amazing new author and I'm very interested in reading more from her very soon!

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