The Diary
By Amanda Haffery
Jul 15, 2007 - 2:29:57 PM

Kate is a curator for a museum. Her life is all work and no play. She hasn't had an actual date in more years than she can count, instead taking pleasure from men for one night when she has time. Finding her sister Luci's diary, her life suddenly takes some very interesting turns. She is sure that Luci's professor is corrupting her, turning her onto BDSM and pushing her into bi-sexual relationships and all because Luci is sure she's in love with the professor. Kate won't stand for her sister being hurt, so with the help of her friend, they decide to set up the sex-addicted Professor Cosgrove and teach him a lesson-you can't mess with women and expect it to be okay. However, things aren't always what they seem, and someone may have something else in store for Kate's life. Someone who only wants to give Kate back her life and possibly love along the way. Will Kate be furious with the end result or will she find the one man who makes her feel complete?

THE DIARY is full of great fun, intrigue and sexual exploration. Kate is a typical forty-year-old woman; work comes first, family comes first and her happiness doesn't appear on the radar scale. Someone else has plans for making Kate put herself first though. Who it is will surprise readers I think. Throughout this story, there are wonderful sex scenes, based both on love and lust. The storyline was dramatic, keeping this reader enthralled to the very end. All of the secondary characters really pull their weight, adding more drama and intensity to the story. Luci is such a manipulator, even though she just wants her sister to find happiness. I'd kick my sister's butt if she ever did something like this to me. The end result is all that matters though. THE DIARY is positively a work of art; sweet, funny, sexy and irresistible. Readers won't be able to put this story down. I cannot wait to read another story from Adrianna Kraft very soon. Each story I read of Ms. Kraft's is more and more amazing than the last!


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