The Dirty Girls Book Club
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 2, 2012 - 8:57:26 PM

Georgia ‘George’ Malone had hoped for lively discussions when she joined a book club after viewing a notice for it at a downtown coffee shop.  Each Monday the group of gals meets to discuss the current reading selection.  The selections are normally literary ‘masterpieces’, pretentious, and in general not much fun to read.  Which begs to question, is there a rule against reading anything fun?  And of course, the answer is “no” and thus the next title for their book club to read is selected.  It’s title… ‘The Sexual Education of Lady Emma Whitehead.’

Georgia’s been entrusted with the campaign for VitalSport and it’s her job to see that the model, hockey star Woody Hanrahan, toes the line and learns to present the sort of image the company is after – something that he has no experience doing.  Since her husband’s death, Georgia’s avoided emotional or physical entanglements but something about Woody’s demeanor and charming personality entices her to give into the physical desires she’s trying so hard to ignore.


Woody Hanrahan may be the well-known captain of the Beavers hockey team but he doesn’t do endorsements and stays out of the limelight – until now.  He’s also not at all happy learning that he’s expected to strut his stuff in underwear for the cameras.  He has no problem with nudity and is even known to be a bit of a ‘player’ but posing in a thong is not what he considers sports and leisure wear which is what he agreed to model.  If he didn’t need the money so badly he wouldn’t have agreed to this sort of exploitation in the first place.


After learning the premise behind the newest book club selection Georgia felt that she could identify with the heroine for the most part.  Unlike the heroine, she’d been married to her soul mate and couldn’t imagine finding that sort of connection again.  She’s chosen to focus on her career rather than dating and sex.  The problem is that after viewing Woody in his skivvies she can’t deny the flutters invading her stomach or the attraction she’s feeling.  Unfortunately their sexual encounter doesn’t end well but only because they misinterpret each other’s responses afterwards.  As Georgia reads about Emma’s sexual experience, she embraces her own desires – and Woody’s all too happy to indulge every one of her hot and dirty fantasies.


Who hasn’t heard of book clubs with their stuffy reads and decided to run in the opposite direction?  Just the title, DIRTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB, brought a smile to my face which only grew as I read about Georgia and Woody’s encounters and how they seem to parallel the book club’s selection.  I loved how the characters transformed as the story progressed.  Woody goes from being uncouth and poorly dressed to the sort of man who can fit in anywhere while Georgia loosens up and lets her hair down – even going so far as to trade in business suits for fashionable attire.  Even though this story is great fun there is a great deal of insight into Georgia and Woody’s backgrounds that make them feel very real and definitely endear them to readers.


Savanna Fox, who also writes as Susan Lyons and Susan Fox, delivers a fast paced fun and sexy storyline with her release DIRTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB.  I can easily see women forming dirty girls book clubs in their local areas after reading this title.  Why keep erotic books a ‘dirty secret,’ it’s time to embrace our naughtiness!


The next title in this series is tentatively scheduled to be released in July 2013.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book club selection and finding out which of the gals takes the story to heart.


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