The Disobedient Virgin

Author: Sandra Marton

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: November 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Jake Ramirez has had one shock after another lately. When he discovers the truth of whom his real father is, Jake is angry and disillusioned. His anger only grows when he discovers that he has two half brothers somewhere in the world, but in order to find out who they are, he has to fulfill his father's will. Jake has to find a husband for his new ward, twenty-one year old Brazilian beauty Catarina Mendes. To add insult to injury, Catarina isn't the easy-going, willing to please girl the girls' school where she was raised described her as. She's a fiery and passionate individual who longs for freedom.

Catarina Mendes has spent most of her life in a small all girls' school which taught the proper manners, dress, and lifestyle for a well bred young lady. When her parents died, Cat was dropped there by her uncle and then with the death of her uncle, responsibility passed to Jake's father, who kept her in the school. At twenty-one, she finally has the chance to leave the cloistered environment and learn the ways of the world. To discover that she must marry a man of her guardian's choosing, within two months, or else she loses her inheritance is more than she can bear. Rebellion lights up her soul and Jake becomes the unfortunate person she takes her temper out on.


But as their clashes get more personal, as Jake and Cat start to see each other for whom they really are, two people who need love more than anything in the world, the barriers come down. However, Cat's shocking proposition, that Jake teach her about sex so she doesn't go into her marriage with no knowledge of the marital intimacies, is more than his lust ridden body can take. There's no way he can say yes but something holds him back from saying no. Will Cat and Jake get their deepest desires when they finally acknowledge the feelings simmering between them, or are they destined to lose out on the most important opportunity that life has to offer: love?


THE DISOBEDIENT VIRGIN is the final book in The Ramirez Brides trilogy from Harlequin Presents. Sandra Marton brings her customary flair and talent for romance into her story to make THE DISOBEDIENT VIRGIN a story you'll want to read again and again. Jake and Catarina are both wonderful characters individually. They are creative, intelligent, and have a passion for life that really makes you like them. When they come together though, that is when the true magic of this story takes place. Their story will really touch you because these are two characters who really want something that will satisfy their individual needs only, but they come to discover a power more important, and much more lasting, than any mere wish, whether it is freedom or discovering family, and that force is of course love. Ms. Marton always excels at showing the revolutionary power of love between her couples and this story is no different. It's a wonderful conclusion to this series and will satisfy all those readers who have been wondering if the three Ramirez brothers will ever meet. Don't pass up this book, you will regret it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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