The Doctor Next Door
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 4, 2008 - 3:57:55 AM

Romance writer Genevieve Downey uses her sexy next door neighbor as the basis for her hero in her novel The Highland Laird.   As attracted as she is to Brandon, his demanding job as a doctor is a strong deterrent.   Her own father was a doctor so Gen is well aware of the long hours they work - and they never have time for their family.   As sexy as Doctor Dalton is, he isn't for her.

Doctor Brandon Dalton has the hots for his next door neighbor whom he knows only as G. Downey, because that's what's on her mailbox.   He’s never been able to work up the nerve to actually talk to her and he's convinced that she’s a 'forever'  kind of girl, and he doesn't believe he's ready for a commitment.   When he accidentally opens her mail and discovers that she's a romance author he decides that a little investigating is in order.


From the royalties paperwork Brandon had glanced over before delivering the parcel to Gen he knows the title of her book and visits a local bookstore to pick up a copy for himself.   Upon seeing the cover he’s forced to reevaluate his opinion of 'sweet little Gen Downey.'   She's obviously got a hidden side that he vows to reveal and hopes that by reading her story he can discover a little more about her - especially her fantasies.


Brandon's completely unaware that he is Gen's fantasy and she's used him as the basis for the heroes in her books.   When Gen arrives at his apartment during a power outage requesting his assistance it seems to Brandon that she's reenacting a scene from her book.   Every 'normal' technique he’s tried to establish a possible relationship with her isn't working so maybe it's time to use her book to his advantage and model himself after the hero.   Gen gets the shock of her life when professional Doctor Dalton shows up wearing a kilt, billowing shirt and grocery bags full of Scottish food.   It’s the most romantic thing anyone' s ever done for her, but allowing herself to fall for him would only mean heartache - still, how can she possibly resist?   He’s exactly as she imagined him in her fantasies.


Catherine Berlin gives every historical romance reader their fantasy - the hero come to life.   OK so maybe not ' come to life' per se but certainly having the man the character is modeled after voluntarily dress and act the part is enough to give me tingles.   THE DOCTOR NEXT DOOR is more than just a simple fantasy being played out, it' s a wonderful story about next door neighbors who are attracted to each other but believe that a long-term relationship isn’t feasible.   Gen thinks that the sort of hero she wants only lives in fantasies and books - Brandon can prove otherwise.   Wonderful story Ms. Berlin!   I' ll hope to see many more like this in the near future.


I'm thrilled to see Red Sage has started publishing e-books.   After all it was one of their SECRETS books that led to my discovery of the wonderful world of e-book reading.  

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