The Doctors MacDowell, book 2 - The Doctor's Former Fiancee
By Dottie
Jan 22, 2014 - 6:00:43 AM

Braden MacDowell became engaged to fellow med student Lana while they were in college. The chemistry between them was undeniable, but they had other issues. It was during his residency that he decided he wasn’t cut out to be a family physician. His father, who built West Central Hospital, is disappointed, but Braden’s two brothers, Jamie and Quinn, have gone on to become doctors at the hospital their father started. Instead, Braden went to work for PLI, a company that supplies grants for research. Now it has been six years since Lana broke off their engagement and sent him his ring back through the mail. Braden, now a billionaire CEO, is about to open a research unit in his hometown of Austin. He is even considering marriage to another woman, but he has never forgotten his former fiancée.

Lana has just become head of research at West Central Hospital and has barely become oriented to her new position when she is confronted by Braden on her first day. She has not seen him in six years and it is disconcerting to see him again. To make matters worse, he is pulling their research grant on a particular migraine study. She is trying not to fail the hospital the way she feels she failed Braden. But seeing him again stirs up all her old feelings, which she is determined to keep under wraps.

Although Braden came personally to the hospital to pull the grant, he also planned the trip as a way to make peace with his feelings for Lana. Once that was accomplished, he could go on to marry the woman he is presently dating. But he never expected to be conducting business with Lana. After an evening business meeting and a shared kiss, he is certain she is the only woman for him. But can he convince her that they can deal with anything as long as they are together?

An absolutely delightful story, THE DOCTOR’S FORMER FIANCEE, the second book in author Caro Carson’s THE DOCTORS MACDOWELL trilogy, is a heartwarming, contemporary romance that I could not put down. This is a very romantic story of two deeply in love people who need to overcome many issues, including a six year separation, if they ever hope to find happiness together. A workaholic, Lana feels guilty about the miscarriage she suffered six years earlier and believes that Braden will realize he made a lucky escape when he finds out her part in the ordeal. But this is just one of the issues facing these two. The one area in which they have no problem is their passion for each other.

An unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage, expectations, guilt, forgiveness, healing, romance and true love all combine to give readers an unforgettable story. I absolutely loved this story and cannot wait to read the next installment of this amazing series. Ms. Carson is a new to me author, but I will be watching for her books in the future. Do yourself a favor and check out THE DOCTOR’S FORMER FIANCEE for yourself. I am sure you will love it as much as I did.


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