The Doctor's Latin Lover

Author: Olivia Gates

Publisher: Mills & Boon/Harlequin Medical

Release Date: July 2005 USA, May 2005 UK

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Savannah Richardson is a member of medicine's royal family, as famous in medical circles as the Kennedy family is in other arenas.  After a lifetime of allowing her father and her responsibilities to dictate her actions, Savannah's decided to follow her heart and give up her private practice to join the GAO, the Global Aid Organization, which provides in-the-field medical care to the under-privileged and war-torn countries of the world.  As an expert surgeon, the GAO is only too glad to have her, and allows her to join the mission of her choice, in Colombia with the Mobile Surgical Unit.

Dr. Javier Sandoval is stunned when Savannah reappears in his life after a three-year break.  What's she doing in Colombia, giving up her pampered life in the U.S.?   Their mission will be filled with hardship and tragedy, without a Jacuzzi or pedicurist in sight.  Is she insane?

Javier does everything in his power to get Savannah to go home, from snubbing her to ordering her to leave.  But she's in Colombia on a quest, only part of which involves mending the gash he inflicted on her heart when he left her.  She's with the MSU to prove to her father and to herself that she's more than a pretty face with a medical degree and a proficient hand with a scalpel.  Fueled by a genuine desire to help the downtrodden people in Colombia, she stands up to Javier and insists on staying.

Figuring that she'll last only a matter of days before she realizes her folly, Javier backs down and decides to see how things play out.  The passion of their past explodes between them again, threatening Javier's heart.  He left her as a matter of self-preservation, knowing they'd never make it together.  But he's never gotten over Savannah.  And his physical and emotional need for her are overwhelming. 

He predicted she'd last four days.  Once those four days pass, he's inspired to wonder about the possibility of having a future with her.

When Savannah joined the MSU mission, she knew the odds of reuniting with Javier were slim.  But she had to confront her past.  Now that he's a daily presence in her life, in her surgeries, in the camp at night, she has to sort out how she truly feels for him.  Their torrid affair three years ago left little time for anything other than consuming passion.  Is there more to what she feels for him this time around?

Javier and Savannah are both sympathetic, strong protagonists, with their own reasons for joining the GAO.  At first it seems impossible that they can end up together, because of the differences in their upbringing and history.  Javier is a native of the region where they serve, but Savannah is more than an American do-gooder trying to validate her existence; she's going to surprise him!  She confronts guerrillas with aplomb, winning them over after she's kidnapped for ransom.

Wow!  Olivia Gates is a relative newcomer on the scene, and she burns up the Medicals with adventure and heated passion.  This is the fourth installment in her GAO series, and it is absolutely the best so far, smooth, fluid writing; passionate, real characters; and adventure and medical cases that never let the reader rest!

Even the prologue is explosive, while being told in such a manner that I felt almost involved in a dream-something otherworldly and strange.  The characters' addiction for each other is tangible, heated, real.  M*A*S*H-like emergencies get the reader's heart pumping, then the romance and passion take over, sending another burst of adrenaline through the body.  But again, Ms. Gates' love scenes are just that, "love scenes".  Deep emotion fuels the passion shared by the characters.

Don't miss THE DOCTOR'S LATIN LOVER, you may fall in love with Javier too!  And watch for the author's first Bombshell to be released in October 2005!  Congratulations, Olivia!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Grace

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