London CIty General, Book 3 - The Doctor's Pregnancy Surprise
By Connie Spears
Apr 1, 2005 - 12:31:00 PM

Two people who fell in love at the tender age of eighteen decided they wanted a future together. They dated, studied, and did everything together. Despite their backgrounds, David Neave and Holly Jones thought they had it all until Holly found out that she was pregnant.  When she went to David's house to tell him the news, his mother informed her that David had gone away with someone else.  Holly returned home heartbroken.  When David tried to talk to her, she told him that she didn't want to see him anymore. They go their separate ways.

Twelve years have past and Holly is a specialist of emergency medicine working at London City General.  While on duty she saw a man walking down the corridor with another member of the hospital.  So what if it reminded her of David?  Most assuredly it couldn't be him here in the emergency department at LCG. Holly thought she left her old life in the past. Fate is against her this time, too.  David has transferred to the hospital as the new senior registrar. David and Holly spot each other across the room and what happens?  It seems that their love for each other has never died.  Holly and David renew their relationship.  Holly discovers she's pregnant again.  Unwilling to have history repeat itself, she pushes David away. A few weeks later, there is a pile up on the freeway. Holly realizes that she doesn't want to lose David and radios to the accident site, but cannot get through. Want to know what happens?  You'll have to read for yourself.  This reviewer isn't telling anymore.

THE DOCTOR'S PREGNANCY SURPRISE is a medical romance by Kate Hardy.  The storyline and characters are identifiable making the book a delight to read. Ms. Hardy has shown us that it is never too late to rekindle an old love. My recommendation for this book is that the reader will enjoy it very much.  Don't forget the tissues. 

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