The Doctor's Rescue

Author: Kate Hardy

Publisher: eHarlequin/Harlequin Medical Romance

Release Date: February/2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Dr. Mallory Ryman is taking some time away and giving herself space from her family, in the hopes that climbing the Mountains of Aumbria would help her make a life changing decision - whether or not to continue practicing medicine. Was she was good enough and did she deserve a second chance?

Dr. Will Cooper meets Mallory when he is involved in an accident. He threw himself in front of a car, snatching up a two-year old toddler, and taking the full force of the impact, protecting her with his body. Mallory is the first on the scene and goes to the hospital with him. Will has a broken arm, a shattered leg and a concussion, which he attributes these strange feelings he's having for her. Will begs Mallory to rescue him from the hospital. He can only go home if he has someone there to look after him, because with his shattered leg it can't have a cast put on it until the bones begin to mend, as any pressure on the leg will cause it not to heal and reshatter.


Mallory moves into his guest room despite knowing it wasn't a great idea, since she had also agreed to become his locum and take over his patient load. He is now her boss and her roommate, but he is also beginning to get under her skin, as no other man ever has. But Will also has many issues he needs to deal with from his past that puts him into dark moods every time her love of mountain climbing is mentioned.


Both Will and Mallory need to face their pasts and greatest fears head on. Mallory wants to start her life fresh without her professional and personal life being linked in any way, ever again. Which is easier said than done, when she finds Will to be some serious eye candy who makes her shiver in the most delicious ways. Can they ever resolve the past and be able to reach for a future of love and happiness? Will both doctors' finally be rescued from their fears and guilt? Can Will possibly become involved with someone who is an avid climber when climbing had shattered his life five years before?


THE DOCTOR'S RESCUE is an emotional and enjoyable story about two people who must learn to move on with their lives. The love story is both seductive and sensual, taking the reader on an emotional and humorous ride through out the pages. And once again, Kate Hardy has delivered up a medical romance with a sizzle, as well as being well researched and factually accurate. A must read for anyone who enjoys a marvelous love story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandra Tibbetts

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