The Doctor's Tender Secret: The London City General Trilogy: Book 1
By mammakim
Jun 1, 2005 - 1:05:00 AM

Zoe Kennedy and Brad Hutton, both doctors at the London City General Hospital, are attracted to one another. They try to keep it a professional relationship, but passion soon takes over, and they need to deal with their pasts which are keeping them apart.

Zoe's two best friends like Brad, and try to get them together on many occasions. They have a fundraising charity that Brad comes to sing for; little did Zoe know he has a seducing voice as well as being handsome.


After the tragic death of Brad's wife and baby daughter in America, he heads to London to escape the memories and start over. He has no intention of finding love again. When he meets Zoe that idea is blown away.


Zoe has her own secret that she has not told even her best friends. It makes her feel self-conscious, but Brad is not bothered in the least. Can they work through their problems, and is their love strong enough to weather their pasts?


THE DOCTOR'S TENDER SECRET is a wonderfully sweet story that has you loving both of the main characters immediately. Brad and Zoe are lovable, strong, and vulnerable at the same time. As a reader I cried with their pain, and smiled with their happiness.  This is the first of a trilogy with THE BABY DOCTOR'S DESIRE and THE DOCTOR'S PREGNANCY SURPRISE to follow. Kate Hardy writes with emotion that grabs the reader, and pulls them in to spend an afternoon of enjoyable reading.

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