The Dom Next Door

Author: Violet Summers

Publisher: Phaze

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Nadia Fleming has been friends with her next door neighbor Alex for the past three years.  They’ve shared many evenings devouring pizzas and watching movies but as far as she’s concerned that’s the extent of what they have in common.  She just barely finished high school and loves embarrassing him by making off-color remarks.

Alex Johnson is the Professor of Romantic Literature and Poetry and a prime example of a stuffy Brit, stiff upper lip and all.  However, underneath that proper exterior lurks a man with a penchant for bondage – he’s a Dom and very proud of that fact.  All he has to do is figure out how to let Nadia in on his sexual preferences.


Since Nadia owns a small Web design company she’s often home and signs for packages that are delivered for Alex.  This time the package is huge and her curiosity is definitely aroused – especially since when she calls him to tell him about the packages arrival and invites him to share a pizza he says that he can’t.  He’s been waiting on this package and very excited to get everything set up.  There’s no return address and just before he’s due home she decides to try to ‘shake’ the box just a little so that she can guess at what’s in it.  Unfortunately the box doesn’t hold up to her inspection and she’s suddenly looking at a jumble of erotic toys that have her viewing her stuffy neighbor in a completely different light. 


Nadia’s often fantasized about Alex late at night in the privacy of her own bedroom but never would she have imagined that he was so much different then she’d believed him to be.  The discovery that he’s a Dominant man doesn’t detract from her attraction to him, especially when he turns all that intensity on her and shows her that she’s a beautiful woman and he desires her – and has for a long time.


THE DOM NEXT DOOR just may have you looking at the people around you a little differently.  In this short story Violet Summers takes two characters who have been friends for several years and allows readers to watch as their relationship evolves.  Nadia’s insecurities about her own intelligence pulled at my heartstrings and I loved how Alex sets about showing her that she’s smarter than she believes.  THE DOM NEXT DOOR is a sweet story that makes the BDSM lifestyle extremely appealing. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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