The Dom, the Switch, and the Sub (Club Libertine, Book 5)

Author: Diane Leyne

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand

Release Date: May 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Zack O’Hara and Serena Edwards’ relationship is rather complicated.  They both work at Club Libertine and they live together, but it’s only a friends-with-benefits sort of situation.  He has to endure hearing about her dates, revels in her breakups (while still appearing supportive), and secretly dreads losing her to another man.  Serena’s sheltered upbringing has Zack leery of approaching her with the true nature of his desires – he’s a Dom who’s never had a submissive of his own – because he’s afraid she’ll bolt.  There’s a new fear as well though, Serena’s showing some interest in the new House Dom at the club, if he doesn’t step it up with his game plan he could potentially lose her.

Luke Davis is an ex-Special Forces commando, big, bold, and intimidating – definitely a force to be reckoned with.  As the new House Dom, he’s quite popular with the subs – but Luke’s interest doesn’t lie in any of the women who want him to master them.  No, his attention is focused on Zack and Serena.  When Serena clues him in about her schooling for her PhD in sociology and especially the project she has planned for her human sexuality class it provides the perfect opportunity for Luke to make his move.


Serena’s plans for her human sexuality course involve studying the BDSM lifestyle more in depth – and Zack’s already been hinting that he’d be more than happy to help her with her project.  What she doesn’t expect is for Luke to suggest taking it one step further; after all, BDSM is becoming passé since the Fifty Shades series of books came out. Luke believes she should alter her plans just a little and study life in a BDSM ménage – with him and Zack.  Zack assumes that Luke is interested in Serena and is going to steal her away from him, but he’s in for a surprise.  Luke does want Serena, he’s right on that account… but Luke also wants Zack – and he’s not opposed to running whatever special ops mission he has to in order to achieve his goals.  His bestowing a lip lock on both Serena and Zack definitely has them evaluating their options – and their desires.  Serena can’t deny her attraction to Luke, but will becoming involved with him destroy her relationship with Zack?  What about Zack?  He’s a Dom at heart, but something in him is desperate to submit to Luke… how will Serena feel about his desire to submit to a man?  It looks like Luke is the only one fully in control of his emotions and needs, but nothing is as simple as it seems and when push comes to shove it might but the sub and switch who teach the Dom a lesson.


Diane Leyne takes readers on an unexpected emotionally laden (yet exciting) journey with THE DOM, THE SWITCH, AND THE SUB.   Serena, Zack and Luke have their individual issues, concerns and fears but you get the impression that with each other’s support they could overcome anything.  I loved the buildup to the moment when the three of them finally come together and the obvious indecision and nervous energy Serena and Zack display.  What I especially enjoyed about this story is how Ms. Leyne incorporates Luke’s military background into this storyline – and how he’s still affected and involved in helping his comrades adjust to ‘normal’ life.  It’s not easy and doesn’t always work, and I really appreciated that Serena and Zack don’t give up on him even when he tries to pull away.  This is a beautifully written story.


THE DOM, THE SWITCH, AND THE SUB is the fifth title in Diane Leyne’s CLUB LIBERTINE series.  There are currently a total of seven books in the series so be sure to check them all out. 









By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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