The Dom with the Dragon Tattoo [Masters of Submission 5]
By Suzie Housley
Mar 30, 2013 - 6:59:36 AM

Tyler Stone is a self-made billionaire who owns Cerberus Technology.  He credits the success of his business to his ability to hire the best in the world.  He has tried for over a year to hire software engineer Rebecca Miles.  When he receives her message that she would like to meet with him to discuss a future position, he doesn't hesitate to travel to hometown of Boston.

Rebecca has made a legendary name for herself as a software engineer.  She knows that with her enhanced skills she can write her own paycheck and work for anyone.  Far from her professional life she assumes an alias at night and works as an exotic dancer at local BDSM club.   

In Boston, Tyler finds a matchbook advertising Club Submission; the name alone calls out to his inner Dom.  At the club he finds the atmosphere to his liking, there a masked exotic dancer catches his eye.  He watches fascinated as she dances on stage.  What he remembers most about her is her intense blue eyes; all he is able to find about her is her first name is Dana.

The next day Tyler meets with Rebecca, from the moment he becomes acquainted with her there is something very familiar about her.  Half way through the meal, Rebecca’s mannerisms trigger a memory of the previous night, and then he realizes that Rebecca and Dana are one and the same person.  He decides to keep his revelation to himself to reveal at a later date.

Rebecca has just finished a long term relationship with her Master.  She knows that she needs to make changes to her life, and moving out of Boston is her first priority.  When her high demands for employment are met by Tyler Stone, she makes the decision to move to Houston and work for his company.

Will Tyler be a strong enough Dom to bring Rebecca to her knees begging for his attention?  Or will his strong willed employee resist his sexual charm?

THE DOM WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO – MASTER OF SUBMISSION 5 is another exceptional addition to the Master of Submission series.  Jan Bowles knows how to paint a BDSM scene like no other author I have experienced.  Her MASTER OF SUBMISSION series has taken this reviewer/reader by storm.  I feel this series has set high expectation that other authors will find difficult to follow.  To say that I have been pleased with the MASTER OF SUBMISSION series is an understatement. 

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