The Dressmaker
By Billie Jo
Jun 15, 2006 - 11:20:00 AM

Claude Reynaud lives in a small town outside of Paris where he likes his simple life as a tailor.  One day, a beautiful young woman named Valentine comes in and asks him to design her wedding dress.  Claude instantly falls in love with her.  He knows there is a connection between them, but he must try to convince Valentine that she belongs with him.  He must convince her that although he is not wealthy like she is, he will care and love her for eternity.

He designs the most beautiful wedding dress that the world has ever seen and swears he will follow her until his dying day to persuade her to marry him.


The recognition of the dress lands him a job at a prestigious designing company named Salon de Silvane.  Claude has never wanted to work for a big firm in fear of losing himself and his unique designs.  But he takes the job in Paris in hopes that he will be closer to his darling Valentine.  He makes quite a name for himself when he designs a spring collection using Valentine as the inspiration of his line. 


Until one day his wife who left him eight years ago comes back into his life hoping to rekindle their love.


Will Claude convince Valentine to leave her husband and let his love fulfill her life?  Or will his wife win his heart yet again? 


Will Claude truly be happy working for a prestigious firm where he believes his creativity will be stifled?  Or will he decide he really belongs back in his small hometown where his family lives?


THE DRESSMAKER is a debut novel that is laced with heartbreak, love, family issues and a man trying to find where he fits into life. Ms. Oberbeck pens a charming tale with interesting characters and vivid imagery that will leave you feeling like you watched the entire novel on screen instead of reading the actual events.  Claude is a lovely character that falls in love with a woman who is committed to another. I laughed at some of the antics of his family, screamed at Valentine, cried at heartbreak and cheered for Claude to find contentment in his life.  As a reader, it was a very unique experience for me to read this tale through the voice of Claude.

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