The Pleasure Club - The Dungeon Masters
By Suzie Housey
Jan 17, 2010 - 11:25:16 AM

Recently divorced, Natalie Simons is looking for a way to explore her BDSM interest.  She fills out an application to the Pleasure Club.  In a short time, she receives a note confirming the time and location of her Pleasure Night outing.  She puts all her fears behind her and decides to go forward with this new form of sexual pleasure.

Natalie drives to a dungeon; she is nervous for she has no idea what to expect.  She arrives late; through a tape she is instructed to remove her clothes and get down on her knees.  She obeys and encounters two Pleasure masters, Master Jared and Master Lance.

Master Jared and Master Lance are everything she has ever dreamed of, and more.  They take possession of her body like no one has ever dared dream about.  They show her that they are the Masters and she is the slave, she is to follow their every order.  If she fails, punishment will surely follow.

THE PLEASURE CLUB – THE DUNGEON MASTERS is a wicked way to spend a winter afternoon.  This book will leave you breathless and tingling in places you never thought possible.   It is assured to put a smile on your face as it warms your blood.  It is the perfect way to knock the winter chill as it provides a sizzling form of sensual pleasure.


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