The Education of a Dirty Sex Goddess
By BJ Deese
Jun 10, 2004 - 8:16:00 PM

Brooke enlists her friend's help to find someone to practice her sex techniques on.  She doesn't want to be called a fraud when she does interviews about her book.  So, her friend says she has a guy named Trent coming to her house that night, and Brooke goes home to prepare for him.  She's in for quite a surprise when a surprise guest shows up, and she doesn't give him time to talk.  Brooke just gets right down to practice, and then talks afterwards.  What will she do when she finds out she's just had wild sex with the wrong man?

Brooke definitely gets a love lesson in THE EDUCATION OF A DIRTY SEX GODDESS.  Erica Miles knows how to write a sexy romance, and I would definitely recommend this one.  This is one hot and steamy quickie that I enjoyed immensely.

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