The Elegant Corpse
By jhayboy
Aug 15, 2008 - 9:08:29 AM

Sean Williams, brother to the victim, has become Rogers’s shadow. Insisting on helping with the investigation, he turns up at every location Roger investigates. When bodies start falling out of the woodwork, Sean suddenly finds himself needing an alibi.

When Sean’s interfering drops him into Roger’s playground, a choice has to be made: someone has to either flog him into submission, or put a leash on him.

I loved this book; A.M. Riley has penned a truly thrilling read. Roger and Sean are the classic chalk and cheese characters, but they work so well together you just cannot imagine them with anyone else.

THE ELEGANT CORPSE is a great introduction to the Leather men lifestyle and the BDSM scene; Roger is a jaded Dom of the eighties. After the loss of his partner, he wants to find that one person to give meaning to his life

Sean is a submissive who has to be taught to accept what he feels and be more confident in his sexuality. Sean’s submission however is a pleasure to see unfolding and developing.

The BDSM scenes are intense and leave you wanting to find out more about them and the whole possessive nature of Dom. There are some very hilarious moments, with both Sean and Roger‘s partner, Mary, throwing in some very cryptic comments that will leave you cracking up.

Hats off to A.M. Riley, for an absolutely fantastic read.

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