The Embattled Road - Lost and Found Series
By Suzie Housley
Mar 5, 2013 - 5:36:26 PM

From the sands of Iraq to the sterile halls of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, three brave soldiers find themselves injured in body and soul.  Together they each will face their hardest battle as their bodies begin to heal from the trauma inflicted on it by war.

With Company First Sergeant Duncan Wilde injuries comes the fear of being paralyzed.  Although he has sensation in his legs, he fears he will not make a complete recovery.  When his fiancée learns of his condition she calls off their engagement.  His family gives him the love and support he needs to begin to recover.  Duncan knows that his restless spirit will not be satisfied until he finds an occupation where he will be able to be his own boss.

Sergeant John Palmer is mad at the world and everyone that comes in contact with him.  To make matters worse his injuries result in him being permanently paralyzed.  Unlike Duncan who has the support of his family, John has no one to provide him the love he so desperately needs to heal. 

Sergeant Chad Lowell met Sergeant John Palmer the day he suffered his first PTSD attack.  Palmer's in your face demanding attitude was hard to ignore.  When Chad learns that John is roommates with his former Sergeant, the three develop a bond of friendship and acceptance.

The day comes when John learns that he is the first of his friends to be discharged.  Chad fears that his friend will succumb to the darkness that threatens to consume him and put an end to his life.  Duncan promises that the three of them will reunite one day soon.  Will Duncan make good on his promise?

THE EMBATTLED ROAD – LOST AND FOUND SERIES is the prequel to the LOST AND FOUND series.  With three such strong characters as Duncan, John, and Chad there is no way their stories can be anything but magnificent!  The whole concept of strong military heroes being struck down by the devastation of war makes for an irresistible reading experience.  Mere words can’t describe the satisfying emotional impact I experienced after I finished THE EMBATTLED ROAD.  I predict this series will be one of the all-time best published in 2013.

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