The English American
By Leigh
Mar 16, 2008 - 7:37:20 AM

Londoner Pippa Dunn has always known she was adopted. Even if she hadn’t, one would wonder at the fact that spontaneous, untidy, energetic Pippa is so very unlike her calm, tidy, proper British family. Pippa loves her adoptive family without hesitation, yet wonders about the American parents who gave her up; who they are, what they’re like, and all of the other questions only they can answer. They’ve been the subject of her daydreams for years, so she jumps at the chance to meet her birth mother, Billie.

Southern belle Billie is the complete opposite of Pippa’s British mum. Billie is a whirlwind of energy that bounces from one thing to the next, leaving the room a mess in her wake – much like Pippa herself. When the short visit with her birth family doesn’t seem to be enough, Pippa finds herself agreeing to move to the U.S. But life in America isn’t exactly what she had thought it would be, leaving Pippa feeling trapped between two cultures, two sets of parents, and two men. As a result, she must dig deep to find out who she really is and wants to be.


Alison Larkin’s debut novel is fantastic! Pippa is such a likeable heroine – warm, funny, and loving – that you’re immediately drawn into her world. Her search for the answers to what makes her who she is will make you laugh and tug at your heart. Pippa is the kind of character that you’ll want to read about even after the last page is turned. THE ENGLISH AMERICAN is a perfect book to spend an afternoon with, and one you’ll reach for time and again.

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