The Englisher: Annie's People, Book 2
By Sherri Myers
Jun 1, 2006 - 9:51:00 AM

Annie Zook, the preacher's daughter, is struggling between the strong pull that painting has on her and obeying her promise to her father not to practice her forbidden art for six months.  Being a young Old Order Amish girl yet to be baptized into the church, Annie must decide what is the most important to her--her faith or her art.  With her English friend, artist Louisa Stratford, living with Annie's family for a few months, it is doubly hard for Annie to avoid the strong urge to paint.

Matters become even more complicated when Annie's friendship with the handsome 'Englisher', Ben Martin, blossoms into feelings much deeper than mere acquaintances.  But alas, he too is forbidden to Annie since he is 'fancy' and not of her faith.  How long will she be able to withstand his advances toward her when her heart yearns to be loved by the handsome Ben?  What will happen when Ben learns of his secret past--a secret that could turn the Amish community upside down?


New York Times Bestselling Christian author Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite writers, and her stories about Amish life are absolutely fantastic.  When I am reading a Beverly Lewis novel, I know I am going to enter the world of the 'Plain' people and be totally captivated, not only for the duration of the book, but for weeks later.  THE ENGLISHER is no exception to this rule; in fact, I think it's one of Ms. Lewis's best books to date. 


Romance, faith, and secrets abound in THE ENGLISHER, and I am drooling in anticipation of reading the conclusion of this series and finding out all the secrets that will finally be revealed.  I highly suggest reading the first novel in ANNIE'S PEOPLE first before beginning THE ENGLISHER to get the whole story about Annie.  The third and final novel in this 'wonderful-good' series, THE BRETHREN, will be released in October, 2006.     

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