The Ex-Wife's survival Guide
By Briana Burress
May 1, 2006 - 4:59:00 AM

Sarah Stagg had it all - a handsome husband, twin teenage sons, a beautiful cottage, and a career as a freelance artist.  Then one day, Sarah's happiness takes a horrible turn which spins her life out of control.  Her husband, Andrew is the lead player at the local drama club.  He must have taken his role rather seriously since he left Sarah for his much younger leading lady.  To top that off, Sarah must face the dreaded empty nest syndrome.  Her twins, James and Ben, take a sabbatical to India.  Then Andrew decides they must sell their family home.  Sarah believes things can't get any worse until her son's girlfriend, Ruth, presents her with the ultimate - dog from hell."

Her best friend, Miriam encourages her to try out for a role in the Ambercross Players next production.  Even though Sarah is in her forties, she is chosen for the lead role of a twenty something woman.  Then she quickly discovers that her leading man, Martin Chamberlain, is afraid to kiss her. 


Miriam is full of even more surprises when she invites Sarah to join her for a week's vacation in Majorca in February.  Sarah can't believe her luck as she runs into the biggest crush of her art school days, Barney Melton.  The sex is hot, but is it the forever kind?  Will her "ex" become jealous and come back to her when he hears of her fling?  Will Martin get the courage to give her that much anticipated kiss?  Stay tuned...


If you want to read a book that will have you crying one minute, laughing out loud the next, and melting from some very hot sex scenes, then you must read THE EX-WIFE'S SURVIVAL GUIDE.  Debut author Debby Holt has a definite "HIT" with this one.  I had to pull out the tissues as I read of Sarah's heartache.  I found myself laughing out loud with the antics of "Jacko" the killer dog.  And reading of poor Martin's struggle to produce that much awaited kiss - I couldn't put this book down.

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