The Favor
By Dina Smith
Oct 25, 2003 - 4:47:00 PM

Toni Wright was a combat reporter in the Vietnam war when she is pulled from her assignment and told that her husband Rob had been injured. As Toni is rushed to her husbands side she learns he has lost both his legs in a mine explosion. Toni knew she was no longer in love with her husband but she would not leave him, in his time of need. Then Rob asks Toni for a favor that she returns to Vietnam and bring back his mistress and two children. Devastated by her husbands betrayal Toni decides to go to a bar and get drunk and then get a tattoo that says men suck and that is how Staff Sergeant Sam Patterson found her.

Toni has had a crush on Sam ever since she joined his platoon, what she didn’t know was that the feeling was mutual. After sharing a night of passion they learn that their whole platoon is missing and they must return to Vietnam to find them. Toni knew this would be the perfect chance to do the favor her husband asked her to do. Toni must make a choice, but could she live with herself if she didn’t save them.


The Favor is a great read that gives the reader just a little taste of what the soldier’s went through during the Vietnam war. Watching the friendship between Sam and Toni build into so much more; touched my heart. Any reader who likes adventure, romance, and a little suspense will Love The Favor


NOTE: this title is also now available in the print book entitled OUT OF THE ASHES

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