The Feel of Lace
By Amanda Haffery
Mar 1, 2009 - 8:26:10 AM

Lacey has met all kinds of men since moving to
New York. Ritchie has got to be the lousiest jerk she's ever met. She's so ticked off, she can't believe he would tape them having sex! Lacey is determined to get her revenge and nothing is going to stop her. Lacey knows just the man to help her accomplish her mission—Brock—her roommates friend from out of town. He's delicious, sexy, and man oh man could she sink her teeth into him. There's only one little problem. What's going to happen when Lacey ends up realizing she's fallen for him and wants him for more than revenge?

THE FEEL OF LACE is a mixture of great humor, a spellbinding romance and a terrific and engaging storyline. I was dragged into this story from the very first paragraph and couldn't wait to discover the outcome. The old adage is definitely true, "Nothing like a woman scorned." Lacey is a very emotional woman determined to get her revenge on her perverted ex. Lacey just plans on using Brock for her mission, but instead she ends up falling for him. Brock is mouthwateringly sexy and definitely a character women readers will be drooling over. Pretending to be her boyfriend becomes great fun for him and he'll definitely be using it to his advantage. If you're looking for a very fast-paced and witty romance story, THE FEEL OF LACE is definitely one I'd recommend to you.

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