The Fifth Favor

Author: Shelby Reed

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Journalist Billie Cort's newest assignment for Illicit magazine is to write an expose about one of the men of Avalon, a club that caters to female pleasure and fantasies. Adrian Antoli is one of the escorts and has been assigned to talk to Billie about his life at Avalon. Their first meeting is a shock for both of them. Billie is attracted to the mysterious and sensual
Adrian , and Adrian is just as attracted to the down to earth, responsible Billie. Nevertheless, both realize the attraction can go nowhere and their meetings go as planned until the day Adrian' s best friend Lucien is discovered dead, after jumping from Adrian' s balcony.

Suddenly Billie's basic story about the ins and outs of a being an escort has taken on a totally new angle. She's not sure if she should put Lucien in her article, but she can't help herself. Then one day she accidentally runs into Adrian as he is leaving the market and she follows him home, to his private domain. Suddenly the burning attraction between them has turned a little dangerous.

When they continue to get closer, despite all the things standing in the way of a future, Adrian and Billie both learn what it is like to finally meet one's soul mate. Adrian has longed for love his entire life, despite an upbringing in a traditional and loving Italian family. Billie has never felt such a connection with a man, not even with her former boyfriend, the man she thought she was in love with. But how will they make this relationship work? Can Adrian give up his life at Avalon? Will Billie's article ruin the budding romance? Pick up THE FIFTH FAVOR and find out.

This was a very emotional book. Shelby Reed truly brings you into the character's psyche with her portrayal of Adrian as the consummate lover and her depiction of Billie as the strong reporter who is looking for happiness. Though Billie was truly a good character, it is Adrian who steals the show. Despite his profession as a male prostitute, because that's what he is, he acknowledges this to himself; he does not come off as repugnant or disreputable. His is seen as a man searching for something to fill the void inside himself. Shelby Reed develops him into a truly three dimensional character that longs for everything a normal man does: a wife, family, someone to talk to, children, but yet he is trapped into something he no longer wants. His struggle to get out of this situation is truly captivating and makes THE FIFTH FAVOR an immensely satisfying read that will leave you longing for a love as deep and fulfilling as Billie's and Adrian's love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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