The Fine Art of Kissing

Author: Catherine Chernow

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Release Date: July 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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The popularity of Julie Wilson's book, THE FINE ART OF KISSING, has garnered the attention of Brad O'Malley, a popular talk show host who's known for putting his guests on the spot and watching them squirm. Julie has no intention of squirming for Brad's or anyone else's amusement.

With ratings slipping, Brad needs something big to boost the popularity of his show. Since Julie's book about kissing hit the NY Times Bestseller List, Brad's been determined to get her on his show. Julie's just as determined to have nothing to do with either the talk show or Brad himself. Brad's appearance at the bookstore where Julie is doing a book signing is enough to get tongues wagging, but when he decides to test Julie's kissing technique in front of everyone, it just screams 'publicity stunt.' Sure enough the bookstore kiss makes the six o'clock news.

Julie caves in and goes on Brad's show. She maintains her cool, despite Brad's attempts at taking apart her book. By the time he gets around to questioning Julie on how much research she'd put into kissing techniques, she's already annoyed with his superior attitude and announces that she'd kissed a hundred men. Of course, the viewers thrive on the tension between Brad and Julie. Not only does Brad's rating jump, but Julie's books stay out of the bargain bin. Brad's producer and Julie's manager are all for pairing them up on the show. Julie doesn't like the idea but she does enjoy sparring with Brad and the ten thousand dollars they're offering per segment would go along ways toward helping at the women's shelter where Julie volunteers. She just wishes that Brad's kisses didn't have such a strong effect on her.

Catherine Chernow's THE FINE ART OF KISSING is a fast-paced charming look at the courtship between an author and a talk show host. Both Brad and Julie are enamored by each other but neither of them are willing to admit it. Julie's statement that she's kissed a hundred men while researching her book puts her in the hot seat so to speak when the producer decides that she should demonstrate technique on the show. The idea doesn't appeal to either Julie or Brad, but neither of them are willing to back down from the challenge either. Ms. Chernow combines the fun of viewing Brad and Julie's "war of the sexes" with the seriousness of partner abuse to create a story that will draw readers in, have you smiling while you read, with just a touch of sadness that will have you applauding Julie's determination to help women's shelter in any way she can.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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