The Fire Still Burns

Author: Roxanne St. Claire

Publisher: Silhouette Desire

Release Date: September 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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After one of
s most glorious mansions caught on fire, the owner of Edgewater called in the best of the best in architects to rebuild it.  But when push came to shove, there were two contenders with the best proposals and they both wanted the job more than anything.

Grace Harrington has something to prove.  Landing the Edgewater project would finally prove to everyone in the architecture world that she is more than just the boss's daughter.  Grace has a lot of talent and it is past time that everyone saw that, including her father.

Colin McGrath wants the Edgewater project also.  Not to rebuild the monstrosity that once stood there, but a building that once stood on the very same property over one hundred fifty years before.  And to give back a piece of history that was destroyed long ago.

Grace couldn't believe it, not only did the man have the nerve to call her 'Gracie', but he still excited her in a way she hasn't ever felt since that day those many years ago when she bolted from his bed.  Too bad she couldn't remember exactly what did happen between them back in college.

Bad boy Colin couldn't believe his luck.  The one woman he has always craved is back in his grasp and competing for the very same job.  Now he has three weeks to figure out how to tell her the truth about that night back in college and talk her back into his bed.  But the fire that burns between them may not be strong enough to withstand the desire to land the same job.  Will their fire still be burning at the end of this high-stakes competition?

Ms. St. Claire has done it again by writing a hot, sensual story that sets the pages on fire.  She gives us another sexy, drool worthy McGrath brother to fall in love with.  And boy, when he falls in love, he falls hard and for the most perfect woman for him.  Ms. St. Claire pulls you into the story and literally transports you to Newport and before you know it, you are turning the last page and ending the story.  THE FIRE STILL BURNS is another exhilarating book that is a must read for the summer.  If you loved Quinn in LIKE A HURRICANE, you are going to die for Colin and it doesn't end there.  Yes, another sexy, scrumptious McGrath brother has a story coming out.  Watch for Cameron's tale, WHEN THE EARTH MOVES, coming in April of 2005.  It will be the perfect way to end the McGrath brother trilogy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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