The Firefighter
By Sarah W
Feb 5, 2007 - 3:41:00 PM

HOT DOWN UNDER by Susan Lyons

Tash McKendrick is flying to Australia with her grandmother Delia to settle the estate of Delia’s sister. They arrive and get settled in for the night, only to awaken to a fire! Tash is struggling to rescue her grandmother from the blaze when she is rescued by delicious firefighter Mick Donovan. After the rush of the fire, the heat between them still blazes. Tash is intelligent, rational, and according to her grandmother, a bit cautious. In the land of sun and sexy men, Tash is going to throw caution to the wind and have a red-hot, passionate fling with Mick. She’s only in Oz for two weeks. What could go wrong?

As Tash is about to find out, being around Mick makes her lose more than just her inhibitions. She starts to lose her heart. But does Mick feel the same?


Susan Lyons starts this anthology off with a bang! The passion and intensity of Mick and Tash’s relationship is evident from the very first time they meet. Under Mick’s hands, Tash finally feels free enough to let go. She’s carefree, sexy, and wants to reciprocate those feelings. Mick and Tash share fun, laughs, emotions, and plenty of sizzling intimate moments. HOT DOWN UNDER is pure, steamy seduction from start to finish!


ALL FIRED UP by P.J. Mellor

Nick Howard has just left his Houston firefighting position to move to Harper’s Grove, a small town in Texas. He’s excited with the changes in his life, and that excitement escalates when he meets Tricia Lundsford. Tricia just moved back to Harper’s Grove to help her grandmother with her shop. Tricia also has a thriving intimate apparel business of her own. Unfortunately, she’s got a reputation in the small town. She’s known as “Hurricane Lundsford” due to her accident-prone life. Nick doesn’t care about any reputation though. From the moment he lays eyes on Tricia, he’s feeling the heat. This is one woman who may just tempt this bachelor to settle down. But when the smoke from their intense attraction clears, will Tricia be able to make a commitment to Nick?


Accidents, hijinks, and amusing romps abound in ALL FIRED UP. Tricia is just trying to live down her reputation. She wasn’t planning on meeting a guy, but with Nick, she feels she can be herself, accidents and all. Nick’s continued defense of Tricia is sweet and romantic. He’s a firefighter, determined to protect what’s his, and that means Tricia. P.J. Mellor has successfully blended humor, romance, scorching sensuality and a little something extra with her fun characters to create a story that is a treat for the mind.


FIGHTING FIRE by Alyssa Brooks

Carmen Hart is busy getting her family bar open again. Unfortunately, according to fire inspector Brent Sommers, The Lucky Hart, isn’t up to code. Carmen is fighting mad at the situation, but mostly, it’s the hunky Brent who has her up in arms. He was sexy in high school, but as a grown man, he’s so much more. The attraction sparks and snaps between them, but both want to ignore it. However, a night spent in a locked office together is about to change all that.


Alyssa Brooks rounds out this anthology with another energetic and wisecracking story. Carmen and Brent are both holding back raw hearts for different reasons. In each other’s arms, not only is there heat and seduction, but there is companionship and a genuine enjoyment in each other’s company. Ms. Brooks has created a fiery attraction combined with a healthy dose of growing respect.


THE FIREFIGHTER is the kind of anthology that will satisfy your craving for a delicious man in uniform. These heroes are raw and sexy and the women are determined and vivacious. These three authors have penned a climactic and unforgettable collection.

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