The Fireside Inn
By Dorine Linnen
Jan 13, 2014 - 3:00:00 PM

We're back at Sanctuary Island for a new series of novellas by Lily Everett, THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS, which kicks off with Miles Harrington's wedding.  What does a soon to be happily married guy do when he has several unmarried rich friends?  Invite them to help with his wedding and bet them that they'll soon be head over heels in love, too.  The billionaire who doesn't fall in love gets Miles' custom built helicopter and landing pad pass at their private club in Manhattan.  They can all easily buy their own helicopter but they covet that restricted, unobtainable helipad access.

Zane Bishop, Cooper Haynes and Leo Strathairn are about to enter the bet they're sure they'll win.  But Leo doesn't plan on meeting the very smart librarian who tries to help him choose a reading for the wedding.  Can he easily ignore his attraction to her and keep his focus on the prize for not falling in love?

Serena Lightfoot finds the British voice of the man who visits her library before hours, irresistible.  Can helping him find a poetic reading for his friend's wedding be done without losing her heart?

I haven't read any novellas by Lily Everett prior to this one.  I have read SANCTUARY ISLAND and loved the emotion in that novel.  I didn't find a lot of similarities between this first novella in THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS series in relationship to SANCTUARY ISLAND the novel, other than the location and some deep felt emotion.  Sweetly sensual, this novella is sexy but not sexually explicit or erotic.

THE FIRESIDE INN is a light and quirky relationship novella about two people from completely different backgrounds who are thrown together due to circumstances.  There was a moment toward the end where my own emotion took me by surprise.  That sentimental, emotional moment is what makes this novella a good book for the romantic in all of us.

Next in THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS series is Zane Bishop's story in BONFIRE BEACH, a novella releasing January 14, 2014, then Cooper Haynes' story in LANTERN LAKE, a novella releasing on January 21, 2014.  I'm especially looking forward to SHORELINE DRIVE, book two in the SANCTUARY ISLAND series of novels, by Lily Everett, available on January 28, 2014.

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