The First Love Cookie Club

Author: Lori Wilde

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: November 1, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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In Twilight, Texas, there is a legend; ‘On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow, you will dream of your true love’.  Young Sarah Collier used to believe in it.  Sarah was a lonely child, and she lived in her books.  Her parents, famous surgeons, seemed to only have time for each other.  As soon as she was old enough, they shipped her off to boarding school, and she spent the summers and holidays with her grandmother in Twilight. From the age of nine, she slept with a kismet cookie under her pillow every Christmas Eve, and every year she dreamed of Travis, although he was six years older than she was.  But her belief in these dreams ended when Sarah was a pudgy, fifteen-year-old teenager.  On Christmas morning, after dreaming of Travis the night before, she discovered a wedding invitation in their mailbox for that day and the groom was Travis.  Desperate to stop the wedding so she could let him know about her dreams and that she was his soul mate, she ran to the church, in a jingle bell sweater and with antlers on her head.  When she yelled to stop the service, everyone looked at her and laughed. But she still approached Travis and explained to him.  She could tell he was embarrassed for her, although he tried to be gentle.  Now grown up, she is slim and the author of a best-selling children’s book, but she will never forget that Christmas day, nor does she believe she will ever fall in love.

As a teenager, Travis Walker lost his mother.  Her death took a heavy toll on his father, leaving him unable to cope with his son.  Lonely, Travis started acting up.  The only person who seemed to understand or have time for him was Sarah’s grandmother, who lived next door.  To help her, he spent time with Sarah and found that he enjoyed their time together, although he was too old for her. Finally, he impregnated a girl, Crystal, which resulted in a shotgun wedding.  After the baby, Jazzy, was born, she began having asthma attacks and some were very severe.  Finally, one night at the hospital during a very bad attack, Crystal took off, saying she could not take it.  Travis was not in love with her and he and Jazzy were doing fine without her.  He had taken Jazzy to one specialist after another without success.  He would do anything to keep his baby alive and well. 

The members of the First Love Cookie Club were women who had married their first love, as predicted by the kismet cookie.  At Christmas time, they hung ornaments, which held children's Christmas lists, on the sweetheart tree.  This year, Jazzy’s letter had a couple of gifts listed, but the most touching was a wish to see her favorite author before she died, and she wished for a mother so her daddy would not have to be alone when she died. 

After discovering that Jazzy’s favorite author, Sadie Cool, was really Sarah, the women in the club invited her back to town for the Christmas festivities.  Although Sarah did not want to return to the town of her greatest humiliation, she could not ignore the touching letter from a very sick young girl, Jazzy, who wanted to meet her.  So she returned and could not help looking for Travis wherever she went.  The first day, she had to ride a float in the parade with Father Christmas and Jazzy.  Sarah was shocked to learn that Father Christmas was Travis and Jazzy was his daughter.  Father Christmas was part of most of the activities, so Sarah spent a lot of time with him and found herself falling for him all over again.  Travis could not get over how much the chubby little girl had grown into such a beautiful woman, and he could not resist reminding her that he was her destiny.

Poignant and heart-warming, THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB, a contemporary romance, is the perfect Christmas story.  The whole town loves Jazzy and will do anything to help her.  With her short life in the balance, her only thoughts are of her father.  The town is trying to make her wishes come true, and the club is playing matchmaker, trying to pair up Sarah and Travis.  However, Sarah no longer believes they are meant for each other and not everyone wants them together.  Can Travis change her mind before it is too late?  Beautifully enhanced with a touching plot, compelling characters, humor, snappy repartee, steamy love scenes and plenty of love, THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB is a beautiful story for the holidays and all year long.

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