The First Sin: A Lexi Steele Novel
By Ann
Feb 1, 2009 - 8:47:22 PM

Alexi “Lexi” Steele works for Recovery Enforcement Division aka RED, a special NSA group that specializes in sex crimes and human trafficking.  Her latest case involves an S & M group that has been selling young women to the highest bidder.  Her new partner, Nick Donovan, will help her infiltrate an exclusive club as her Dom that could hold the key to finding these women.  However, the sparks between Nick and Lexi have nothing to do with the case.  As these two work together, each has a personal stake in the case.  She wants to find the man who killed one of her agents and he is looking for his sister, one of the missing girls. 

THE FIRST SIN begins a new series for Ms. McCray and starts off with a bang.  Lexi is a ball of fire who is still wrestling with her demons when she takes on this case of human trafficking.  She is very close to her family but the only person who knows her true occupation is her older brother Zane who is also a RED agent.  When she meets Nick, she finds a sexy man who helps her not only deal with her demons but understands all the bad things that her job entails.  Nick is determined to find his sister and Lexi is a fringe benefit he didn’t expect.  He doesn’t take any kind of crap from anyone and he is willing to call in all the favors he needs to find her.  Not only is the man sexy but he can cook!  The perfect man!!  The secondary characters are numerous but I believe Ms. McCray is setting the table for future books to come.  If THE FIRST SIN is any indication, the series will be hot and full of action.  Bring on the next book!

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