The First Time
By Angel
Jan 1, 2005 - 4:37:00 AM

Joanie has always dreamed of the fantasy that most women have, to have two lovers at one time.  However not all women have the chance to make that fantasy a reality.  Joanie has been exploring her sensuality since she met her boyfriend David and now he wants to give her the one fantasy she has always wanted.  Torn between excitement and doubt, Joanie is unsure of her feelings about a fantasy come to life.

David has finally met the woman who is his match in all ways, especially in his bed.  It doesn’t end there since he and Joanie have a great relationship outside the bedroom also.  He has only one wish left, the fantasy of sharing Joanie with another man.  He decides to throw it out and see what kind of reaction he gets.  Of course he knows she is interested, but afraid.  Can he convince her to let go of her fears and her inhibitions?


THE FIRST TIME is a wonderful story about two people who care enough about each other to thoroughly explore their sexuality.  Joanie and David are a very sensual couple and you won’t get bored reading about them and their very active love life.  There is the conflict that Joanie experiences with her indecision that keeps you turning the pages and wondering what she will ultimately do.


THE FIRST TIME releases from Ellora's Cave on January 26th, 2005.

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