The Five Year Baby Secret
By Char
Mar 1, 2006 - 5:15:00 AM

Fleur Gilbert and Matt Hanover grew up knowing that their families had disliked each other for many, many years, but when they fell in love they were determined to put an end to the feud. On the night that Fleur and Matt were secretly wed, her mother and his father were involved in a car crash. Both of their parents died, but it was discovered that they had been having an affair. The pressures put on the young lovers drove them apart. Fleur stayed behind and helped her father try to put his life and business back on track. Matt left the village and worked in the family business abroad. Matt broke off contact with his mother and never tried to contact Fleur and Fleur never attempted to contact Matt, even when she discovered that there would be a constant reminder left from their wedding night.

Matt is floored when he receives an anonymous newspaper clipping showing a five year old boy in a school play.  The boy looked just like he had at that age.  Matt was furious with Fleur for not letting him know they had created a child and he returned to their village with the sole intent of gaining custody of his son.  Matt’s return throws Fleur into a panic.  She is struggling to hold onto the family business and she is very afraid that Matt will carry through on his threat to take their son.  When her father has a stroke, Fleur feels she is being pulled apart with all the trauma’s happening in her life.  Can Fleur and Matt come to an understanding regarding their son?  Can they both put the hurtful past behind them and pull together in this time of tragedy?  Answers too those questions can be found between the covers of this delightful book.


THE FIVE YEAR BABY SECRET by Liz Fielding is a sweet and gentle romance.  Fleur and Matt are excellent lead characters that the reader gets to watch grow as individuals.  They each learn that love and forgiveness go hand in hand and to truly be happy they have to put aside their individual wants and do what is best for all involved.  I enjoyed this story and I recommend this book to everyone that enjoys reading sweet and tender romances.

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